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Weddings @ Immanuel

You have expressed love for one another and you have requested God’s blessing on your life together. Immanuel is delighted that you have chosen to enter into the holy covenant of marriage in the church, and we will work with you to create an appropriate beginning to—and a firm foundation for—your life together. 

The beginning of your life as one is the wedding service. Marriage is an act of God’s creation. Whatever God creates, God intends to support and protect through blessing. Therefore, the service of marriage focuses on God’s creation and blessing of a new bond between you both.

The foundation of your life together is your relationship. You tend it by recognizing and nourishing the emotional, physical and spiritual dynamics within each of you and between the two of you. We begin this process in premarital counseling. Over the course of four sessions we will explore areas of strength and areas of growth in your relationship, as well as the central place of forgiveness and reconciliation in marriage. The process continues throughout your lives as you learn to live together in God’s care each new day.

Getting married is an exciting time in your lives. Careful planning, well in advance, is the best way to ensure that your wedding arrangements are not a burden, but a joy.

Wedding Booklet

This booklet has been compiled to help you prepare for your wedding and for your marriage.