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How to be a Greeter

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it." -Hebrews 13.2

The Ministry of Hospitality

Greeters are on the front lines of hospitality. Keep these five words in mind when welcoming all to worship.

1. Pray
Before you get to the church, pray for the visitors and fellow members God will bring to worship. You are the first impression that people will have here at Immanuel. Pray for your work, that you be a blessing, not a barrier, to every child of God who comes.

2. Honor
Every person who comes to worship is worthy. Honor members and visitors alike. Keep in mind the ancient saying, “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” Some people prefer anonymity, others are seeking a friendly face in a strange place. You are more than a chain store greeter. Say more than, “Hello.” Think of ways to honor your guests in your greeting.

3. Connect
Sure it’s obvious, but smiling is essential. Greet friends and strangers with equal Joy. If you don’t know someone yet, say so. Try, “I don’t know you yet. I am so-and-so.” They may have been a part of this congregation for years or this may be their first visit. Make a connection with every person who comes to worship.

4. Guide
Immanuel is a big place. If you know that someone is visiting or if someone looks lost, they probably are. Help them to know where the worship space is, where the bathrooms are, where the cushions are, where the cry room is.

5. Repeat
You aren’t done when worship begins! Greet people after the service too. For those who linger after worship, look for ways to connect visitors with others. For those who want to get out the door, be sure to thank them for coming. We are blessed by God in worship and one of the ways we are blessed is through every person present. Help them to know you have been blessed by them.

Final Thought: Be Attentive

Think about the special needs of the very old, the very young, and everyone in between. Help those in wheelchairs to find the wheelchair spaces. Help the elderly find the cushions. Greet children with Joy. Honor each as you are able.