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How to be an Acolyte 

"No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house." -Matthew 5.15

The Importance of the Task

An acolyte is a worship assistant. You enrich the worship of all by helping in several very practical tasks. Thank you for your help in this important work.

Before Worship

1. Dress Appropriately
Think about what you will wear. A faithful heart is sufficient but consider giving your best to God.

2. Arrive 15 Minutes Early
This will give you time to find a robe if necessary, pray with other worship leaders, and light the candles in plenty of time. Sign the acolyte check-in sheet. Ask the pastor to see if the Christ Candle next to the baptismal font should be lit and get other instructions for the day.

3. Pray
Join with other worship leaders in prayer before the service starts.

4. Light Candles 5 Minutes Before Worship
• Start with the candelabra on the right of the high altar. Start on the right and light all seven candles moving toward the altar. Then move to the candelabra on the left of the high altar. Start on the left and light all seven candles moving toward the altar.
• Then light the two candles on the high altar.
• Then light the two candles on each side of the communion table.
• Then light any other candles that may be on the altar.
• Finally, light the Christ Candle if instructed to.

During Worship

1. Participate in Worship
Sing, listen, fill out a worship note, share the peace, etc. Since you will be sitting in the chancel, you will be setting an example for the rest of the congregation.

2. Offering
When the pastor announces the offering, hand the offering plates to the ushers. After the offering is collected, join the pastor to receive the offering.

3. Holy Communion
Be prepared to help with communion as instructed by the pastor or communion assistants. After the congregation has received communion, join the communion assistants at the altar table to receive communion yourself.

After Worship

1. Extinguish the Candles
When we start singing the last hymn begin to put out the candles in reverse order from the way you lit them. When done move to the sacristy.

2. Clean up
Take off your robe and after the hymn is done look for ways to be helpful.