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“Stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe."
-Clarence C. Stoughton

God has created us, loves us, and inspires us. That’s the Christian story. What difference does that make? That is for you to discover—or better yet: for us to discover together! 

Whatever that difference is, it provides us with the two most basic needs we humans have: purpose and meaning. 

Stewardship is practicing our faith, rooted in that purpose and meaning, in surprising and generous ways. In community, we challenge and encourage one another in this kind of living faith.

Some practical outcomes:
• we care for the earth God made
• we generously give for the needs of others
• we support the ministry of the congregation with our tithes, gifts, and offerings
• we take care of our bodies
• we use the gifts that God has given us to the glory of God
• we share our life-giving faith with others
• we refuse to limit ourselves with an all-inclusive list because God has given you a beautiful mind to imagine more ways to live your life generously.

Ready. Set. Go!