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Congregation Council Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

After a process of listening and sharing that took several months of cottage meetings, and three adult forums, the council reached an important decision.

Effective immediately, Immanuel will no longer discriminate against same-sex couples who seek to be married in this church, and that we will both honor and bless those unions.  It has been seven years since the ELCA’s resolution to leave this decision up to individual congregations; and three years since the Supreme Court decision supporting marriage equality in all states.  In the eyes of Immanuel’s council, this was a justice issue with a direct relationship to our mission – the words we will boldly speak in just a few minutes – “Accepting all unconditionally”.

We are keenly aware that there are those in our family of faith who may not fully agree with this action.  Know that we remembered the reality of that fact in prayer as we voted.  It is our full intention to move ahead respectfully, knowing that those who love and serve together often disagree.  That said, I can tell you that 100% of your elected council leadership voted enthusiastically to support this action, and we believe that this will proclaim to our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters that there is a welcoming place for them here.

Immanuel's Congregation Council