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Time & Talent Form

April 2018

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

God has given each person many gifts, which make each of us unique in the Lord’s eyes. Through the sacrament of baptism, God calls us to ministry. We carry forth God’s plan for us by using the gifts God so generously bestows.  All of these gifts make us who we are: individual and gifted.  When we come forward together as individuals, each of us brings our own gifts as an offering. Each is vital to God’s plan. Blended together we create a ministry on earth.  If we do not come forward we fall short of the celebration to which they were to be a part.  The same can be true of God’s church. When we let our gifts go undiscovered or unshared, we risk letting our part of God’s plan fall.

Our gifts ministry team invites you to spend a few minutes reflecting on the many gifts with which God has blessed you.  Many are listed in this worksheet including attitudes, skills and interests which may have become so much a part of your nature that you may not have recognized their specialness, their blessedness, their sacramentality.

We ask each of you to complete this worksheet both as a personal assessment and a means for us to strengthen and celebrate our ministry together.  

Your responses given in this worksheet are appreciated and will remain confidential. They will be used only for the purpose of enhancing a more effective gift-based ministry in the congregation and beyond.

Download the 2018 Time & Talent Form.

If you have trouble printing a copy of the form out, or would rather not print it, please pick up a form in the narthex or church office.